I finally got to do my trial hair and make-up last night. I walked in with this photo from Mary Jane Photography and asked for a loose and wavy low side chignon:

Something simple and classic, and still beautiful and romantic. It seems pretty easy, right?

Well, when all was finished and the stylist had convinced me that it looked great, I took off home to take some photos. (You know, in those nice salons they keep the lighting dark and you’re pulled away from the mirrors so you can’t really see what they’re doing to your hair anyway!)

So I like the hairstyle from this view:

And this one looks pretty cool:

And I even like the weaving she did at the top:

But I do not at all understand how this is a low chignon (and this is the second version after I asked her to lower it a bit):

My mom used to talk about hair looking like a rat’s nest–and I think this must be what she meant! :( This is WAY messier than I expected. And I never thought of my wedding as being messy.

I was pretty bummed about it the rest of the night (and still am today). Which makes me feel even worse. It’s just hair; I know it shouldn’t bother me. But it’s just so not what I want–or asked for. Oof.

I took my hair down after shooting those photos and started playing around with it to see if I could come up with anything better. I even like this clipped-back ponytail more than what they did in the salon:

I think this will be my backup plan…although if I go to get my hair styled I’d really like to keep it that way for the rest of the day! I suppose the only thing to do is find more photos of what I want to the back of my hair to look like. Like this:

Yes, that will be much better. I hope we can pull this off next Friday. What do you think?


And they are precious.

I’m going to work on our wedding signs and ribbons wands for the rest of this afternoon (after eating my Wolfie’s peach custard…yum!). Maybe I’ll update you later tonight!

Wedding hair

February 16, 2010

So even though I’m swamped this week, I thought I should try to squeeze in a blog post or two for you! We have a pretty big to-do list going on, most of which is wedding stuff, of course. Only 72 days to go…so we better get busy!

First things first: On Valentine’s Day, Jon gave me a tourism book on Italy and said, “I booked the trip. We’re going to Italy!” So starting the Sunday after our wedding, we’ll be departing for a tour of Rome, Venice, and Florence! I really can’t wait! Neither of us has been to Italy OR on a tour, so this should be super fun. We figured a tour would be the easiest way to travel this time, since neither of us speak Italian either. And we won’t have to think about transportation, hotels, ANYTHING! The only thing I just have to do is find an opera performance (despite that the season will be over). I simply cannot go to the birthplace of opera and not see one…or two, or three…well, you get the idea. So, to sum up, I am VERY EXCITED for our honeymoon.

But this week, I’m turning my attention to something else: finding a salon to do hair and makeup for the wedding. Does anyone have any suggestions before I go over to Aveda and book them? That’s really the only place I know in Winston-Salem. As far as hair goes, I’m thinking something simple and romantic. Probably a low chignon like the one below (and you have to forgive me, I just took quick screenshots of these images and didn’t try to crop them well). I don’t know who this beautiful bride is, but you can see more of her, her wedding, and Mary Jane Photography here.

I’m not sure how I feel about the chignon on the side though–It makes for great photos from one angle, and looks like nothing from the other side! I think I’d rather have it in the back of my head, but maybe I’ll let the hairdresser play around with it until we find what we like. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

I can’t really imagine my hair down (it will just frizz up like you wouldn’t believe!) or in a high updo (those seem to either be too princessy or too trashy). Any other suggestions from you other future brides?