I’ve moved!

May 31, 2010

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This makes me smile.

May 19, 2010

Cutest cake topper ever

April 22, 2010

It arrived today. So sorry for the not-so-great phone photo:

Thanks to Emilie Friday on etsy for making this awesome topper!

I’m always impressed when I see how couples make their wedding suit their own taste and styles. And last night, Jon and I had the pleasure of attending the dinner theatre that was his boss’s wedding. Let’s just say I’ve never seen anything like it. I captured A LOT of it on film (so sorry for the crappy quality, the bad editing, and the corny commentary):

Don’t you just love the groom’s sequined tux?

So despite sitting at the no-fun table (with a senator and his mayor-pro-temp wife, a conservative bread lobbyist, and two other attorneys) where Jon was supposed to network, it was a pretty fun night. And luckily, we took a few breaks to visit the photo booth:

Jon was trying to be funny by pretending to throw up in the bottom left photo (classy, no?), but it doesn’t really look like that. I can’t wait to see what our guests end up doing with our photo booth!

Note: Neither Jon nor I were drunk in these photos. You just have to make your own fun when you’re stuck at the no-fun table at your boss’s wedding.

And the winner is…

March 15, 2010

After a couple blog comments and several suggestions on Facebook that included phosphorescent jellyfish and references to cat toys, I think it’s safe to say that the winner of the sendoff contest is…

Ribbon wands!

The deciding vote came from our photographer Cheyenne Schultz, who pointed out that at least ribbons would show up in photos, unlike the bells. As for the jellyfish–yeah, I don’t really see that happening. Unless we can find some Vietcong man-of-wars/electric jellyfish pictured on the beach here:

Maybe Steve Zissou can help us out?

But where is the cabin?

February 17, 2010

It’s finally here! Cabin Fever 2 is finally here!

Why am I so excited about a low-budget/cult classic-esque/disgusting/high school horror film? Because my little sister is in it.

Yep, as of this past Tuesday, you can see Regan Deal on DVD and Blu-Ray. She plays a high school stripper named Liz, who does some unmentionable and inappropriate things in a public restroom. (Does this sound like a movie you’d want to see your sister in? Hmmm…)

Some GENIUS YouTube commenters seem pretty opinionated about it. Some of my favorite comments include:

“it is sick sick sick but a good sick haha its amazing, i thought it was going to be dumb, but man was i wrong!!!”

“this movie was pretty damn good. u see alot of titties”

“Okay, was that guy taking a dump while asking that chick to the prom?” Um, that chick is Regan…

“this one is in a school, but called Cabin Fever 2…….?
they should’ve stopped making this filming as soon as they read that it was gonna be in a SCHOOL not cabin”

“where is the cabin????”

“hows this cabin fever 2? where the f*** the cabin?!?!?!?!?!?!?”

“Cabin Fever doesn’t have anything to do with a cabin you idiots. You can get cabin fever anywhere.”

“Ta blbost má pokračování? 8(“


But the weirdest comment might be from TexasPsychoK, who said, “It’s awesome.. more of a throwback to John Waters, David Lynch style. The music is also hilariously bad. Born to be alive, Eaten by the Monster of Love, etc… tons of refs to Lynch films, Dollar Girl, Carrie, Prom Night, Ramone’s Rock & Roll High School.”

The creepy thing about that is that Regan was the leading character in Dollar Girl, which is an independent film that wasn’t really released, so no one has really watched it, although now you can buy it on Amazon. I think somebody has a stalker…Regan, watch out for people from Texas!

So if you enjoy a bad horror film every now and then, check it out! And Regan, congrats on your first SAG film! Good luck in LA!

Ready to hear it?

Today was my first day as a publicist at Blair Publishing, here in Winston-Salem.

Well, I shouldn’t say a publicist. The company is so small (10 employees), I’m the publicist. And so far (all one day of it), it’s great! The people are wonderful, the work seems like it’s perfect for me, and best of all, I’m working with one of my first and greatest loves: books! Fiction, nonfiction, poetry, memoirs, comedy, you name it! And I’m really liking the atmosphere–I’ve worked for big corporations for so long that this small, independent publishing company is SO refreshing. At those big corporations, there’s a definite hierarchy of workers at different skill levels and too many people working on so many projects that no one really knows what the big picture is (well, that last part’s not so true for Corporate Executive Board, but it’s definitely the case at Corning). But at Blair Publishing, it’s like one small team working together and getting things done…and I love it! At least, after the first day. I hope it stays that way! :)

So in the next chapter of my life, I’ll be building Blair Publishing’s social media marketing plan (doing things like twitter, Facebook, and starting up their blog), coordinating book tours for authors, going to book conventions in Nashville, Florida, New York, etc. (could that sound any nerdier? I love it!), things like that. Wish me luck! I’m really hoping that this could be my calling–I’ve been looking for a career that I actually  love for so long and I haven’t yet found it, and it’s about time!