30 days to go! And my rant on returning RSVP cards…

March 31, 2010

Yesterday marked the one-month countdown…WOW! It was also the deadline for returning the RSVP cards, because we’ll need LOTS of time to prep our favors, which have a little something to do with the RSVPs. Well, we’ve still only recieved half of them. I was a little surprised, but I guess I shouldn’t be–apparently this happens all the time.

I was also surprised at the few folks that just didn’t write their names on the RSVPs. I’m not sure if it’s because we opted not to include the traditional “M” before the blank line (do you really need an “M” on the RSVP to realize you should let us know who you are?) or what. We got three blank cards back, and another one from a “Mr. and Mrs. Deal.” Well, when the bride’s last name is Deal, you can pretty much bet we invited SEVERAL Mr. and Mrs. Deals.

Which makes me REALLY thankful that we numbered the back of our RSVPs–each RSVP number corresponds with each person on our guest list. I did a lot of research on wedding invitations when we were making them, and one website (I can’t remember which one now) offered that little nugget of advice. Best suggestion ever! Thanks to the numbers, we figured out who forgot to write their names and who Mr. and Mrs. Deal were. So take it from me–numbering your RSVP cards is a MUST!


One Response to “30 days to go! And my rant on returning RSVP cards…”

  1. Bride in CLT Says:

    Now you tell me… I mailed invitations today… :)

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