Now I’m kind of considering ballroom dance lessons

March 28, 2010

I’m always impressed when I see how couples make their wedding suit their own taste and styles. And last night, Jon and I had the pleasure of attending the dinner theatre that was his boss’s wedding. Let’s just say I’ve never seen anything like it. I captured A LOT of it on film (so sorry for the crappy quality, the bad editing, and the corny commentary):

Don’t you just love the groom’s sequined tux?

So despite sitting at the no-fun table (with a senator and his mayor-pro-temp wife, a conservative bread lobbyist, and two other attorneys) where Jon was supposed to network, it was a pretty fun night. And luckily, we took a few breaks to visit the photo booth:

Jon was trying to be funny by pretending to throw up in the bottom left photo (classy, no?), but it doesn’t really look like that. I can’t wait to see what our guests end up doing with our photo booth!

Note: Neither Jon nor I were drunk in these photos. You just have to make your own fun when you’re stuck at the no-fun table at your boss’s wedding.


2 Responses to “Now I’m kind of considering ballroom dance lessons”

  1. Wow, there are no words for that video. Was that the real ceremony?

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