Bubbles and birdseed and rice, oh my!

March 10, 2010

Since we’re down to the last couple months of wedding planning, it’s time to set all the details. And the detail that’s on my mind right now is the sendoff.

At Graylyn, you can’t use sparklers (they can burn the slate driveway) or birdseed/rice (I suppose they don’t want to start growing weeds in the yard?) and rose petals are an extra $75 cleanup fee. In their “approved” sendoff ideas, they recommend bubbles (which never works out right) or lavender. I’ve never even heard of using lavender as a sendoff. I tried googling it and it looks like you just throw it at the couple like you would flower petals–but why wouldn’t they charge a cleanup fee for that too? And who wants something thrown at you anyway?

So Jon and I have been brainstorming other ideas for the sendoff. We’d like it to be something that’s a little different, since we’ve done sparklers and flower petals at weddings before, but nothing weird. Hmm…

Our first thought was bells. Since we won’t be at a church with a carillon, it might be nice to give handheld bells to the guests and have them ring them as we rush out to the car. Of course, it would be another thing to buy, and would guests want to keep a bell as a wedding favor? Probably not.

So then I started thinking ribbon wands, like this:

This such a beautiful photo, but you have to remember this was a staged set featured on Style Me Pretty, not a real wedding. This is what a ribbon wand sendoff looked like at a real wedding (again, from Style Me Pretty):

SO great, don’t you think? How fun! And these would look great with our pinwheels. But we won’t have our sendoff during daylight, so would we get the same effect in the dark? Maybe if we used silk ribbons with some shine to them?

I googled ribbon wands a bit more last night. I didn’t find too much, other than online vendors trying to sell cheap plastic versions that were NOT cute. And then I stumbled upon a non-wedding blog written by a woman whose “about me” section of blogspot was “I’m pissy. Stop pushing my buttons, people.” This woman went to say that ribbon wands were the “epitome of cheese at weddings” and that no real men would ever wave them. Well, talk about busting a bubble! So now I’m torn–do we go with (apparently cheesy) ribbon wands that maybe only the female guests would use, or do we find something else?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this one! I’m lost.


2 Responses to “Bubbles and birdseed and rice, oh my!”

  1. sputnik617 Says:

    We did ribbon wands for our night send off, and they worked well–If I were to do them again, I may have made them longer, but they were easy to do (about 2 hours to hand make) and really cheap ($30 or so for 100 at the length we did them). Almost everyone used them, even the men. Our send off was completed by a hand tunnel mandated by the best man– not sure which really made it more special–that or the wands! You can check out the pictures at the end of this slideshow: http://mobbsphotography.com/previews/deanna_album_1/index.html

  2. Ryan Says:

    I concur with Sputnik617 on the ribbon idea; it’s classy. Since you can’t burn anything or throw anything ribbons would create a great exit as well as a good photo to end the night. Longer ribbons look nicer than shorter too. Whatever you choose will be a fitting end to a wonderful celebration.

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