The quest for a great birdcage veil continues…

February 9, 2010

Well, sort of. I’m still searching for a small net veil (one that small enough that it won’t cover my face). Maybe one like this, from GlamItUpToppers on Etsy.

It’s not perfect, but it’s small, and that’s really what I’m looking for in a birdcage veil. I don’t want anything that’s going to cover my face or poof up like a balloon.  Anyone have any suggestions for something like that? I wonder if fabric stores around here carry russian or french netting so I could make a veil myself…hmm…

But on to the exciting news! Today I purchased a fascinator to wear with the netting! And no, it’s not the one I had posted earlier. In fact, that seller is apparently on vacation so who knows when she’d be able to put something together if I ordered from her. But Ms. Cheyenne Schultz, our photographer, suggested taking a look at Lo Boheme. And I’m so glad I did! Today I purchased this:

It’s got a lot fewer feathers than the fascinator from Velvet Owl, which is good! And I like that it will add a little color, but not so much that it would detract from everything else. From the etsy post about this lovely little fascinator, which was apparently featured in Well Wed magazine:

MADDIE is a new design from the most recent collection in the Lo Boheme bridal accessory line. This piece is made of both new and vintage delicate silk, velvet, and taffeta millinery leaves. I have also incorporated a few ivory ostrich feathers, dried flowers, and vintage stamens from the 1950’s.

All you have to say is “vintage” and I’m in love. In this case, I’m a little worried about the blue petals, since they don’t really go with our color palette, but we’ll just have to see! And if it doesn’t stand out too much, I suppose it could be my “something blue.” Sweet. :)

And you know what this little vintage fascinator would look great with? Our wedding invitations! We’re still finalizing them, but here’s a peek:

Okay friends, I’m off to get some cleaning done before Jon gets home (how this place gets so dirty, I’ll never know!) Check back in tomorrow evening–I’ll have some fun news to share with you then!


One Response to “The quest for a great birdcage veil continues…”

  1. yay! glad you found one you liked!

    also…LOVE your invitations! be sure to either send me one or bring one on your wedding day so i can take pics!

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