Although I wasn’t so thrilled with France while I was living in Lille, I still love anything French–the food, the language, the art, Paris. Just the other day I spotted this image on Style Me Pretty, and I thought, this is such a sweet idea for any wedding, not just a French one:

“Tea for two” en francais! Isn’t it the sweetest wedding favor ever? I’d love to do something like that for our wedding, if I weren’t already planning on something else (which will remain a secret, since I haven’t quite figured out which angle I want to take on it). More on that later. ;)

On another note, I hope you’re out enjoying this little snowstorm we got! I’ve tried to take Kiley out four times today, and she just turns right around and tries to get back inside. We’ve got about five inches right now, but it’s still coming down! And I suppose we owe our neighbor a dinner, since we bet him we wouldn’t get any snow. C’est la vie!


Remember the new logo I posted a few weeks ago? The one that looks like this?

I made that logo in Illustrator using a bunch of fonts, but it’s still not exactly what I was looking for. I wanted it to look more textured and real. So I drew one by hand and scanned it in. This is the finished product, sans our names:

The colors are a little different, and it could use a little more editing, but I think this version is as sweet as can be! So I played around with invitation design ideas all morning, and I came up with a couple possible mockups. Here’s my favorite so far.

Of course, Jon hasn’t seen it yet because he actually works all day (and his opinion matters most!). But I’d love to hear your opinions! Any font suggestions? I’m afraid the one I’m currently using is too contemporary–I need something vintage but not quite rustic! Hmm…

Howdy, readers.

Well, it’s been nearly two weeks since I left my job in Hickory. The first week was really rough–and I mean really rough. I spent a lot of time just feeling miserable.

But it’s been humbling too. I’ve always worked hard for everything I’ve done in my life, and as most of you know, I’ve never been one to sit back and let things happen. But being unemployed right now has taught me to that I can’t control everything, and sometimes, you just have to give up the reins. And that’s okay.

So this week, I’m staying calm and positive. I’m getting my resume out there and working on some projects at home that I’d been meaning to get to. I’ve been spending lots of quality time with sweet old Kiley, and I’m finally getting back into yoga. Oh yes, and CLEANING (that plus wedding planning could be a full-time job!). And you know what? This week I feel great.

Of course, job hunting is a series of highs and lows, so by this time next week, I might feel differently. But for now, life is good. :)

I hope you’re all enjoying your Wednesdays!

My plan is to get the finishing touches put on the rest of our wedding details by the end of this month (yeah, right)–and to start, I want to make sure everyone has something to wear! (Which is a bigger problem than one would think, because we still haven’t decided on if the guys will wear suits or tuxes.) But to start, here are the J. Crew dresses three of my bridesmaids have purchased:

I’d really like to keep the other two bridesmaids dresses in lighter, natural-looking shades, like beige, champagne, or peach. I’ve been trying to convince my older sister to buy this one from J. Crew:

But with no luck. She liked this one from Anthropologie, but now that it’s a sale item, I don’t know if it’s available in her size anymore. It’s a beautiful match for the color palette though:

And of course, I have no idea what we’ll find for Ms. E, whose baby is due the week after our wedding! Any suggestions for maternity bridesmaids dresses in similar colors?

Okay, that’s where we are with the ladies. Next up: the groomsmen.

We’d been planning on having the guys wear three-pieces suits in gray or beige–something light and not too formal. Like these:

Perfect for an outdoor wedding, no? But after some searching, Jon is starting to think we should stick with tuxes, because it’s easiest. I’m not crazy about that idea–how great do the guys look in the photos above?! And pairing groomsmen in tuxes with ladies in light-colored semi-formal dresses in a garden wedding? Not the best look, I’m sure. We just have to keep searching! Anyone know of a national chain suit shop that sells this kind of look? We haven’t had much luck so far.

And of course, there are the moms. My mom hasn’t found anything yet, and I don’t think Jon’s mom has either. I’ve started searching, but wow–it’s tough to find a MOB or MOG dress in this color palette! Sorry ladies :( Maybe something in a beige-colored lace, or a silvery gray chiffon? Or maybe if my sister doesn’t buy the beige J. Crew dress above, someone could wear that?

I have to admit though–I do like this dress from David’s bridal:

And this Tahari dress from Nordstrom–although is it wrong for a mother to wear white to her child’s wedding?

I think we have a lot more searching to do!

Last week we got our full engagement session on DVD and the guestbook Cheyenne made for us–and we couldn’t be more thrilled! So I picked a few of my never-before-seen favorites (as in ones Cheyenne didn’t put on Facebook or her blog) to share. Enjoy!

The veil.

January 22, 2010

Hi friends :)

Sorry for being MIA this week–I’ve been a bit preoccupied (if you’re wondering why, see my last post). But for the moment, I’m going to put that aside and focus on the wedding–that’s happening in 98 days! We’re into double-digits now…wow! So much to do, but I think we’re in a good place.

But there is at least one last detail that I need to nail down: the veil.

At first, I didn’t want a veil at all. I wanted everything to be simple and low key, no frills or fuss (but after the past few months, I think it must be impossible to have a low key wedding!) After a while, I started to worry that without a veil, I’d just be a woman in a white dress. So I decided to give them a try.

When I tried on wedding gowns, I tried on a few traditional veils too. But no matter the length or design, nothing felt quite right. I didn’t feel like a bride in those. And I definitely didn’t want this bubble veil.

So when I visited my maid of honor, Ms. Keylime, in Minnesota back in October, I started looking at birdcage veils with fascinators (that’s the flower or pendant part connected to the veil). I have never been to a wedding where the bride wore a birdcage veil, but I’ve seen a million photos of them all over the wedding blogs–and I LOVE the look. This contemporary trend has such a vintage-inspired feel and is perfect for my dress and our wedding. But finding the right one has been tough! I don’t want to cover my entire face with a veil, and most of the veils I come across have WAY too much fabric to be simple.

I found a great birdcage veil at a consignment boutique when I was in Minnesota, but I wasn’t sure about it at the time, so Ms. Keylime went back to check it out again. She sent me this photo yesterday:

I still think it’s beautiful and would look great with my dress. The champagne and ivory are a perfect match for our color palette! The only problem? The veil and fascinator are sold separately, and together, they cost about $200! That seems a bit much for me.

But yesterday I also found another great veil/fascinator on–where else?–etsy. Sold by Velvet Owl, this fascinator combines peach flowerettes, lace, pearl pendants, and feathers. It sounds like it’s a bit much, but together I think it’s beautiful. And it will be paired with a simple pearl-and-ruby necklace and earring set, so the veil might be the right place to have a bit of flair. Take a look for yourself:


The best part? Only $60. It looks great on this model with dark hair, but do you think it would work on a blonde?

As if it weren’t hard enough in August, when I uprooted myself from my life and job in D.C. to come back to North Carolina after Jon proposed. Now I’m shaking things up again.

On Thursday of last week, I up and quit my job. I’d been contemplating it for a while, and when my boss basically told me that her time was more valuable than mine, I’d reached the last straw. So Jon and I chatted about it, and I quit. The end. Goodbye, Hickory, N.C.!

So now I’m starting all over. Again. And I have no idea what I want to do. Working toward a master’s degree would be great, but I’d have to take the GRE, pass it, and then get into a grad school…and I’d need to pick something I like enough to spend another two years studying it, which, at this point, is a tough decision. Or I could keep looking for a full-time position in Winston-Salem and most likely set aside all the experience I’ve worked up over the past few years as a writer/editor because there are no jobs in that industry here (that would be why I moved to D.C. in the first place).  Or I could really give the freelance thing a go–I just have no idea how to start that. This is tougher than I thought.

The one thing I think I’d really like to do is try to build up a calligraphy/invitation design business. I’ve got the pens and ink, some creative ideas, the full Abobe creative suite at my fingers…now I just need some clients and a business plan. Hmm…

Well, in the meantime, I’m just trying to stay positive and take it all one day at a time–which, I’ve realized, is sometimes harder than it sounds. Wish me luck!