Still a little behind…but making progress!

November 30, 2009

Well, the Thanksgiving holiday flew by! I meant to do a lot of relaxing and printing (for our save the dates), but neither one of those happened. But I did get to enjoy the company of some dear friends I rarely see, and that certainly makes up for it.  :)

And aside from the save the dates, I think we’ve made some progress on all things wedding.

First and foremost, we’re in the process of completely overhauling the color palette. If you’ve been reading regularly, you know that we were thinking of having the bridesmaids choose their own dresses in different shades of gray and pairing that with yellow flowers and accents.

Well, on Wednesday of last week, I stumbled upon a picture of–suprise!–bridesmaids in different dresses in shades of gray.

And it was ugly.

And since I don’t have too many nice things to say about it, I won’t show you here. But believe me, it was pretty depressing. If you just have to see it, email me.

So I knew I had to make some changes. While Ms. Keylime was visiting on Friday, we stopped at Graylyn  see what sort of color palette would work well there. After some thinking, meandering, and stopping by Home Depot to look at their paint samples, I think we’ve come to a good conclusion!

There is only one space at Graylyn where the wedding party has to look good together, and that’s in the white garden in front of the stone gazebo. So clearly, in the white garden, all the flowers are white, but the stone around the gazebo is a warm peachy-tan color. So we’re moving to a palette of beige (a warmer neutral than gray), ivory, butter yellow, pale pink, peach, and coral. Jon wants the guys to wear beige three-piece suits, and the girls are wearing different dresses in yellows, pinks, corals, and the like.

At least, that’s the idea. And this time Ms. Keylime suggested that I pick out the dresses for each bridesmaid, seeing that this color palette may be a bit more difficult to coordinate. And that way I can be sure that what the girls are wearing will look dressy enough to go well with the ball gown I’ll be in.  I’m think she may be right. 

So now I’m busily searching for pretty dresses in the new color palette. I hope to have some options for each lady by the end of this week!

And now, finally, an update on the dress. I went for my first fitting at Nitsa’s since I had tried on the sample dress. I had been a little anxious about it since I last saw it in August–did I pick the right dress? Did she order the right size? Will I hate it the next time I see it?

Well, I’m happy to report that all that worrying was for nothing, because the dress looks beautiful and fits like a dream. The waist doesn’t need to be taken in at all, and the hem is the perfect length for the shoes I picked. The only change will be adding cups to the top for some support, and that’s it! Oh, and then the thirteen bustles for the giant skirt. That will be an adventure in itself.

So it looks like we’re making some progress. I can’t wait to hear from the Jennifer, the florist at Green Bee Floral Designs, for our price quote! More on that later.


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