Nearing the six-month point…time to get to work!

October 27, 2009

Ok, if you know me you know I’m the worst at making decisions (hence the fact that we still haven’t officially picked our wedding colors).  Well, it’s getting down to the wire–this Friday marks the six-month countdown to our wedding, ahh!–and we still have WAY too much to do. And the fact that our photographers told us that those six months are just going to fly by doesn’t make me feel any better!

So I made a list of wedding-related goals for this week. We crossed a few off last night but still have a way to go:

  1. Register for Catholic marriage workshop.
  2. Send our photographers the addendum/check for photobooth.
  3. Research floral designers/schedule initial consultations.
  4. Contact Graylyn coordinator for ceremony musician suggestions.
  5. Confirm ceremony musicians.
  6. Contact East Coast Entertainment and ask why the band hasn’t signed and returned the contract STILL.
  7. FINALLY register this weekend.
  8. FINALLY send save-the-dates.

On the bright side, we had a lovely engagement photo shoot with our photographers in Charlotte’s NoDa neighborhood. I can’t wait to see how our photos turn out! I’ll be sure to post them (or a link to Cheyenne’s blog) when we get them.


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