How about gray and yellow?

October 13, 2009

Oh dear…I’ve think we’ve decided on yet another color scheme.

It’s actually one of the ones we considered in the beginning (you’ll see it in the save the dates I created and our little logo on the top of this page): shades of gray and yellow.  It’s so fresh and sunny–and springy! It’s perfect for April, and I think it would look great at Graylyn. Take a look at these photos (lovingly borrowed from Style Me Pretty); I think they did a beautiful job of using these colors (and I love the bouquets!).

The girls will still wear gray dresses in their own styles, and the guys might be in black suits with yellow ties. I think Jon likes this color palette most of all. Thoughts from the rest of you?


2 Responses to “How about gray and yellow?”

  1. Kelaine Says:

    I really think this would be beautiful. I also think that the vintage turquoise color would look amazing with yellow and gray! See you soon!

  2. Regan Says:

    Well, I FINALLY caught up on your blog! The yellow and gray is absolutely beautiful; however, I can certainly see why it is taking forever to JUST PICK ONE… they are allllll beautiful.

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