Finally, save the dates are done!

September 15, 2009

I’m super excited because we finally settled on save the dates! 

As weird as they sound, save the dates are important–they set the tone for the rest of the stationary, from invitations to wedding programs to menus, you name it! Originally, we were leaning toward an art deco motif (with a venue like ours, what could be better?!). I had spotted these on etsy and just fell in love:

But in the end, a peacock didn’t really feel like us. Too fussy, I suppose. So I kept looking at etsy until I realized that I could create some really great, simple, and clean stationary. No designs needed, but no traditional script lettering either. I wanted something fresh and new, but it had to work with our elaborate venue.  So after playing around with photoshop and some fonts, this is what I came up with:


The best part? Since I created the design, IT WAS FREE! Next on the agenda was to find a printer, and thanks to a google search, I found a company that would print 100 postcards for free too! In the end, I paid $10 for postage. We’ll see how the quality is before we start mailing them out, but I’m feeling pretty good about these so far.

I hope you like!


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