Tackling the next thing(s)…

September 13, 2009

Now that we’ve settled and gotten a good deal on our band for the reception, it’s time to stress out about other things!

Next on the agenda: ceremony music and musicians, save the dates, and gift registries.

I’ve been doing a lot of research on ceremony lately.  Originally I figured I’d stick with classical music on strings–we’re getting married in a garden, so there’s no organ, thank goodness!–but after searching, I haven’t found anything that means enough to me to walk down the aisle to. It needs to be special, right? None of this “Wedding March” stuff…I really can’t bear that tune.

Well, since we’re doing a very contemporary wedding (I doubt it will be a religious ceremony since I’m not converting), I started thinking, “What if we chose contemporary music?” I’m not talking Chris Brown or Beyonce, but the contemporary classics, like the Beatles’ “All You Need Is Love” or the Beach Boys’ “God Only Knows”? Apparently, LOTS of people are doing this sort of thing! And U2’s “Beautiful Day” is a big hit, although I doubt we’ll be doing that. For now, we’re still planning on hiring a string quartet, which will blow everyone away when they start rocking out to “Wouldn’t It Be Nice.”

What do you think? I could definitely use some more ideas on ceremony music!


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