Okay, we’re making progress on the wedding band. Jon and I have been researching local bands online–which really isn’t the same as auditioning them! But for now, here’s our list of contenders:

Stoneage Romeos
I’m kind of leaning toward this one.
Brown Eyed Girl as sung by the Stoneage Romeos

Sweetwater Junction
They’ve got Jon’s favorite song list (aside from the Party Nuts’, but I’m vetoing because they look way too creepy to perform at a wedding reception!) The catch? Sweetwater Junction is based in Atlanta, and bringing them up here could be super expensive. Worth it?

Skate Rink Jukebox
Did they let their kids name their band?

Ms. Jones and the Velvetones
An old college buddy hired the Velvetones for her wedding, and she recommends them. They don’t really have the song list we’re looking for though.

Orange Krush
One of the first bands we found.

Take a look (or listen), and send us your thoughts!



August 25, 2009

Music…oh goodness….

We’ve been putting this off for a while, but I think we have to start making decisions soon.  We had been thinking that hiring a DJ would be easier and more affordable, but the thought of a terrible DJ at the reception does NOT make me happy.  So last week Jon finally agreed that we should hire a band instead. Great!

Well now here’s the problem–which band? We’ve done a little searching online, and my sister Regan suggests Rubberband (simply because Ben Folds’ brother is in it), but we’re still not sure.  Does anyone have any suggestions for a band in North Carolina?

And then of course, there’s the ceremony music.  Eek! I have NO idea what to choose for this.  Since we’ll be getting married outside, there won’t be any organ (thank goodness!), but should we go with a string quartet? Hire a pianist? A harpist? A brass band? And which songs should we choose? We could definitely use some help here.

Okay, I’m making a resolution to get this blog going full swing! Jon and I have been uber busy–we moved my stuff back to NC, I’ve been job searching, his parents were in town, it was my mom’s birthday, etc. But now that things have settled down and bit–and I’m completely bored at my new job–I think it’s time to get things rolling!

We haven’t been that dismissive: We’ve booked a day-of wedding director, we hired the photographer we met in our last post (yep, she’s the only one we even met with!), and I’ve found my wedding dress!

Our wedding director is Jo–and she’s fabulous.  When I called to confirm our meeting at the local Starbucks, she said, “you can’t miss me, I’m old.” Well, I wouldn’t call her old, but she has been in the busy for quite a few years! And she’s done several weddings at Graylyn, so she knows exactly what she’s doing. Sweet!

The photographers we hired are just as fantastic as Jo.  We hired Cheyenne Schultz, the woman we mentioned in our last blog. The best part is, she’s part of a husband-wife team, so her husband Jeff hang out with Jon and the guys and get photos of them playing golf while Cheyenne stays with us. I stalk her blog religiously–their photos are so inspiring!  I’m so happy with our vendors so far.

And of course, the dress.  Jon’s parents came to visit the first weekend in August, and his mom joined my mom, Regan, Elizabeth and me on the hunt for the dress.  I swear, I must have tried on twenty different dresses!  In the end, it came down to the original two I was considering: the Christos Maribel and the Amsale Coco. I won’t link the Amsale one, since it’s the one I settled on and Jon doesn’t want to see it (but you can google it, if you’re that interested). ;)  Of course, now that I’ve ordered the dress, I wish I had purchased the other one! But they are both so beautiful, and I’d be happy with either.  I’m going to try to find someone who can make a shorter cocktail version of the Christos so I can wear it the rehearsal dinner.

Speaking of rehearsal dinners, Wedding Director Jo suggested we hold it at Bridger Field House–as in the venue overlooking Wake Forest’s football field!  Jon is ALL for it. Can you imagine looking out at this view with the wedding party??
Bridger Field House